Accomodating your

There are often competing and valid interests when the duty to accommodate is engaged.For example, is it legitimate to require a Sikh employee to wear a hardhat for safety reasons, when such a request may violate his religious beliefs?When the ciliary muscle is relaxed, the lens flattens to enable clear distance vision.When the ciliary muscle contracts, the lens thickens, becoming more curved for added magnification for clear near vision.If you're hosting a party anytime soon Windyke would love to step in and give you a hand.Whether you're throwing a simple birthday party for a few close friends or a large wedding reception, we can serve you with ease.Take a look and see what Windyke Special Events are all about.Hosting a special event in the comfort and familiarity of your country club is the perfect party experience.

Upgrade to a suite for the ultimate experience, most Brownell Cottage suites have a whirlpool tub, heated bathroom floors, steam showers and a Franklin stove fireplace.

The ciliary muscle, ciliary zonules and lens capsule keep the lens suspended in its proper position inside the eye for clear vision.

In a normal eye (without presbyopia or cataracts), this dynamic process of accommodation adjusts the focusing power of the eye by changing the thickness of the eye's natural lens.

Member or non-member, accomodating your requests with as much efficiency as possible is our goal.

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