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You can see Annie’s eyes come to life when Ariane applies Ariane Poole Luminizing Stick.L'AFD cible en priorité en Colombie les secteurs de l'aménagement durable de la ville et des territoires, de l'efficacité énergétique et de la gestion responsable des ressources naturelles.Let`s hire something." Follow her "Can I get a motorcycle? That sounds fun." Listen to Emma "Deal." CONTINUE BEGIN Aerobics/Exercise: Do NOT choose the following: *ex14 BAD *ex25 BAD *ex35 BAD *ex45 BAD *ex55 BAD Say goodbye for now "Let`s go back to the boat." Return to the boat "Let`s go to that little island far in the distance." Travel to the island Explore the island "Let`s just lie down." Finish lying Get back on the boat "Let`s just get back on land." "Let`s go somewhere else." "I`d love to." Leave Begin work Pick something [doesn`t matter] Walk up to the bar "Hi you two. " Let her order drinks Drink "Let`s go to the beach." Go to the beach ***FOR STREAKING "I dare you both to streak along the beach!" (cheap) Drive Find something to do Explore the streets "Not half as beautiful as you." Kiss her Finish kissing Finish walking Turn left Visit the restaurant "Let`s get some drinks." Drink "Let`s go somewhere else." "Let`s go to to the beach." Drive Explore the beach Sunbathe on the beach Pick a spot Bathe by the hut Let her get comfy Sunbathe Find something else to do Turn left Play volleyball, Zoe will look onto the correct direction Volleyball: Good ones (both where to go on the court and where to hit the ball) - vball5 vball9 vball11 vball15 vball24 vball26 Go to the pier "Sure. " Get in the boat "Lets go to that big island." Travel to the island Go inside Join in with aerobics "We`re just here to relax. " Strip naked Remove your shirt Remove your pants Streak Remove your underwear Streak Run with them Say goodbye to Emma ***FOR THREESOME "Let`s take the boat somewhere." Get aboard Go to the island Follow them inside "Let`s get some drinks at the bar." Have a drink "Let`s get some music playing." Let Zoe and Emma dance together [refridgerator] Finish dancing "I want to see Emma do some exercises." Let her finish Let Zoe try it Let her try Let her get up Watch her undress Let her finish Watch her strip Let Zoe try Let her finish Kiss Zoe Finish kissing Let them kiss Let them continue Sex *****PERSUADED ZOE TO SUNBATHE TOPLESS AT THE POOL Kiss Zoe topless at the pool [not an achievement, but worth noting] *****PERSUADED ZOE TO VISIT THE NUDE BEACH *****GOTTEN A BLOW JOB WHILE WALKING THE STREETS *****SKINNY DIPPED IN THE HOTEL POOL *****HOTEL ENDING Begin work select suncream Meet at the hotel Speak to Zoe "Wow.So PLEASE gimme a break about the hair (or just don't look at me lol).IT'S JUST HAIR AFTER ALL."Looks like those days are behind her!

*****HAD A THREESOME WITH ZOE AND EMMA OR *****STREAKED NAKED ON THE BEACH WITH EMMA AND ZOE Begin work select suncream Meet at the hotel Speak to Zoe "Wow.

That outfit makes you look SO hot." Finish talking Have a drink at the bar Speak to the barmaid "Give two mojitos." Drink Swim in the pool Let her get in the pool "Good idea.

Let`s swim" Finish swimming Climb out of the pool Sunbathe "I have some suncream with me." Apply the suncream Finish applying the suncream Do something else "Let`s just go inside." Turn left Go to hotel bar Go to the bar Grant Zoe`s request: *Something classy: "Give me a martini." *a lot of flavor: "Give me a bloody mary." *fun: "Give me a sex on the beach." Drink Turn left Leave the hotel "Let`s go to into town." "Sure.

Ariana Grande surprised her 43.5 million Instagram followers on Sunday when she broke the norm and released her signature ponytail, letting her hair down to reveal her natural, curly locks.

In a photo collage of four different selfies, the 22-year-old showed off voluptuous hair that was parted to the side with two braids as she gave a couple sultry looks to the camera."Peekaboo healthy curls," she captioned the post with several emojis.