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Youth who experience academic failure are at a greater risk for evolvement in delinquency.Their perceptions regarding educational experiences could reveal some of their challenges or barriers to academic achievement.The purpose of this research project was to understand how incarcerated male youth perceive their educational experiences, and to understand the prevailing themes and commonalities in their stories.A phenomenological approach was used to describe the participants' educational and lived experiences.

However, a few sources say that’s just for the show and claiming Sheree is actually in a relationship with a man named Tyrone Gilliams.Word on the street is that Sheree Whitfield has a new boo, but it’s not her ex-husband Bob Whitfield.Sources say she’s been literally been “calling Tyrone” and, if the rumor is true, he may currently be in jail.Gossip blog Fameolous first broke the story, with receipts (of course).Three sources have come forward suggesting Sheree has a “mystery man” that’s currently locked up in an Atlanta prison.