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“I don’t like whiners,” said Pereira, who does not always come down on the side of the NFL. You’d have to find somewhere else to put those lost commercials; the NFL’s not giving back ad inventory. I wouldn’t want to make an absolute statement like that. I am not opposed but I just don’t think it will help much. How much more would they have to play to come to an outcome? I can overlook your weekly affront to Japanese haiku (seriously, a journalist should be able to do better with an extra 60 seconds and some choice synonyms).

“I don’t think [Newton’s criticism] is deserved.” • JASON WHITLOCK GUEST COLUMN: The Fox personality explains why high school football is a force for the good And in his office in midtown Manhattan on Tuesday, the league’s current vice president of officiating, Dean Blandino, was careful not to criticize Newton directly when we spoke for “The MMQB Podcast With Peter King,” which begins airing Wednesday. What happens if a crummy team drafts a savior quarterback? I’d want to see a prime-time game from some of those kinds of teams the next year. Plus, some good officials would likely be lost to their other jobs. I can overlook the preoccupations with Coffeenerdness and Allagash White.

But on the same day Newton followed through with a vow to speak to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell about what he contends is a lack of protection for him from game officials, the current and former NFL officiating czars made it clear they don’t think he has a case. It's an oasis of quiet in a series of loud, insulting commercials. For a league that pretends to care about player health and safety this would be the antithesis of caring.

Newton’s complaint after Carolina’s win over the Cardinals: “At times I don’t even feel safe … You write about Fitzgerald achieving a new milestone, Gronkowski smashing through another level with a touchdown, but not a mention on Jason Witten making his 204th career start, breaking the Dallas Cowboys franchise record he shared with Ed Jones? A tie is not a cataclysmic event calling for a drastic response. There used to be ties in football games all the time back in the day and the league didn’t collapse. I was on the field as the game ended, and talked to five players out there.