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Le concept est tentant mais pose question : comment faire pour le ou la séduire en si peu de temps ?

Comment se montrer sous son meilleur jour en sept petites minutes seulement ?

Jérôme Etxeberria va faire plus de soixante rencontres lors de cette soirée speed dating sans équivalent.

Voici nos super comédiennes psychopathes : Et histoire que la fête soit complète, les garçons s’en mêlent aussi : Pour ce genre de soirée, on ne pouvait que choisir un lieu d'exception !

Soirée Speed Dating sur Genève et dans tout le département, Canton de Genève (120).

In a big city like Paris, it’s not easy to develop genuine human relations. On the streets, they are rushing to get to work, he explains. The hours are good, and you get your money’s worth. These are people coming from work, probably from the finance sector.

You can eat, drink and dance for fifteen euros (£13.45), whereas you usually have to pay ten euros (£8.95) just for a drink during a regular evening.’ It’s almost 11. Afterworks are a good way to relax without coming home too late.’All work and no play would make the French dull students At 11 pm, a similar is taking place on the Concorde Atlantique, but for a younger clientele. It’s the first time the owners of the bar organise an afterschool. That’s not bad for a night in Paris,’ the art student says.

Fabien, a 28-year-old suit-clad financial advisor, awaits his friend to return with a refill of champagne.

It’s almost impossible to get to the bar or to the buffet, because everyone wants to get as much bubbly and food as possible before nine.