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A lot of people arrive at Gare du Nord in Paris, either on the RER trains coming from the airports, or by the Eurostar trains from London or the Thalys trains from Brussels, Amsterdam and Cologne.

(A few people arrive from Copenhagen, Stockholm, Warsaw or Moscow, and they are obviously welcome here as well!

While rock climbing is fun and challenging, football remains Maurice’s favorite activity.“Maurice is obsessed with anything football related,” said James Patton, a youth advocate with Christian Family Care.

Apparently the secret to getting the mooncake to bloom like a snail shell....'The traditional filling for this is yam but there is nothing to stop you from putting your own spin into this by using a lotus or bean paste or whatever takes your fancy. If your shortening is hard, soften it in the microwave before using.

Mr Redneck likes his with a savoury mung bean filling. Rub shortening gradually into the flour to form a soft dough.

On Thursday the star looked grumpy as she headed into a studio to shoot more scenes for her E! Kourtney's girlfriends wore matching violet sunglasses and blue bathing suits that read SPF 1942 and showed off plenty of skin. In a second snap, Kourtney played with her ponytail as she gave a puckered up expression for the camera while resting with her friends.

But it wasn't all just fun at the pool for Kourtney.