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This leaves palaeontologists in relatively unknown territory.

Even the BBC television series, , contains only one moment of passion between two Jurassic giants, a male mounting his mate.

Lovemaking must have required some delicacy and careful positioning since palaeontologists believe most dinosaurs did not have a true penis.

character to run for office, it would totally be lawyer Miranda Hobbes, wouldn’t it?

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They were massive, lumbering creatures who were masters of all they surveyed.

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I’m big because I’m connected to the universe and the universe is connected to me.

It may sound a like a question to provoke a giggle among schoolchildren, but it is actually a serious scientific concern.

Success as a species involves being successful in reproduction, so obviously they were doing something right. How did spiny stegosaurs mate without stabbing each other to death?

You thought more highly of yourself than in fact the circumstances deserved. And by the way, there’s a hundred billion other stars that have other planets. And all you can do is sit back and bask in your relevance to the cosmos.

So here’s what you do: You say, I have no ego at all. There might be other life out there, could be like us. So those who see the perspective as a depressing outlook, they really need to reassess how they think about the world.