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We have made much progress towards this goal, but we have more to do and exciting ideas on how to further improve.

If you are interested in complex technical challenges and want to help us push the boundaries of real-time communication, we are hiring.

The series does not focus on the two friends; they weren't even named until the second season.

After that time it was placed on i Tunes for purchase (USA, Canada and UK only) and for free with ads on (United States Only) with the revenue from both going to pay the cast and crew.In the last five years an important transformation is taking place on the demand and offer forms of paid sexual services.The key factor is the introduction of the communication technologies, especially 3G mobiles and diverse Internet services (web, video-chat, email).There's a part of the prostitution consumption related with technologies that have enabled for the face-to-face relationship between who demands and who offers to be substituted at least partially.The implications are many: loss of control by all the involved, easiness to wide persons involved (negotiators-procurers, women and men offering services, clients), change in the forms of sexual relations (through images, no personal contacts, etc.); etc.